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Miscellaneous Notes

During research into any family history, one comes across many instances of names which may or may not have a direct relationship with your particular branch. On this page are references to miscellaneous data connected with the GATHERER name. Research into these is ongoing. Email us with any further information.

Nigel Gatherer

There are other distinct lines bearing the name of Gatherer; I have not established their connections (but see note 4 regarding the Paisley line).

The following are the occurrences I have come across in the records:


1797    John    born in Earlston. Father Alexander
1821 Andrew Parents James Gatherer and Susanna Faulds.
1823 John same parents.
1831 William same parents.
1833 Peter same parents. (This is probably the Peter Gatherer whose name graced the wall of a bottling factory visible from the Glasgow to Greenock railway for many years.)
1835 Robert
1840 James


1836    John    Parents John Gatherer and Mary Mavor.


1790    To Alexander: daughter Elspeth.
1792    To Alexander: child Isabel.
1793    To Alexander: daughter Jean.
1794    To Alexander: (a Tailor in Elgin): a son, Alexander.
1797    To Alexander: a son, John. Mother Elizabeth Russel.
1797    James, born in Elgin, Parents John Gatherer, Writer, and Mary Thomson.
1797    John, born in Elgin. Parents Alexander Gatherer and Eliz. Russel.
1821    William, born in Elgin. Parents George Gatherer, Weaver, and Jean Petrie.
1836    George Maclachlan. Parents George Gatherer and Harriet Maclachlan.
1839    Peter Maclachlan Gatherer b. in Elgin to parents George (Writer in Elgin) and Harriet.
1840    George and Harriet had a daughter named Harriet Gordon.
1842    They had a son named Alexander Gordon.
1844    - a daughter, Isabella Gordon.
1845    - a son, Arthur Brander.


1802    George Gedderer, natural son to James Gedderer in Jeanston and Jannet Petrie in Tillaminit (Witness, William Gedderer in Thrappitknowes).
1806    Adam Gedderer m. Ann Milne in Gartly.
1806    Adam, lawful son to Adam Gedderer and Ann Milne in Corncatterach.
1821    George Gatherer baptized at Marnoch, Parents: William Gatherer and Jane Barclay.
1834    William Gatherer baptized at Gartly. Parents Adam Gatherer and Jane Gartly.
1835    a child Gatherer (no forename recorded) born at Gartly.
1837    Adam Gatherer born at Gartly. Parents Adam Gatherer and Jane Gartly.
1844    John Gatherer born. Parents Adam Gatherer and Jane Gartly.

Notes from Eleanor Gatherer, Perth, W. Australia:

John and Adam erected a monument in memory of their mother, Jane Gartly. Adam owned the Pitsligo Arms Hotel, New Pitsligo; William went to America. John went to Australia. 1872 m. Jane Miller at Hotham, Melbourne. Family: Jane (d.1940), Margaret (b.1873, d.1961), Jean (b.1876, d.1965)), Adam (b.1878, d.1965), John (b.1880, d.1912), Eleanor (b.1882), Reginald (b.1889, d.1959). [Donald Gatherer Williams, great nephew of Eleanor, is still alive (in 1996): we have met three times. -WAG]

Inscription of monument:
Erected by Adam and John Gatherer
In memory of their Mother
Jane Gartly
Who died at Backburn
13th Jany 1876 Aged 63
Also in Memory of their Father
Adam Gatherer
Who died at New Pitsligo
On the 27th Feby 1886 Aged 77 years.