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Welcome to the Gatherer Family pages. This is an attempt to house all sorts of genealogical information about my family and ancestors. As you will appreciate, this is a big job, and really it will never end as, with hope, new information comes to light. The best I can say is that I've made a start, and as more people use the world wide web to search for family history, the more Gatherer-related information will be linked.

I'm always interested in possible connections. Let me know (email me) if you think we may have ancestors in common, if if you have any other information on Gatherers around the world.

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Nigel Gatherer

Gatherer Family Trees

The start of a huge project to make available the genealogical information my family have researched relating to the Gatherers.

Gatherer Family History

Some historical data about Gatherer antecedents.

Notes On Individuals

More detailed genealogical data about individual Gatherers.

Places Index

Some additional information about some of the places mentioned in the Gatherer genealogy.

Contacting Us

Details on how to get in touch.