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How to Use these Family Trees

Each page in the family tree will consist of three generations: grandparents, parents and grandchildren. Each page will be titled after the number of the grandfather on that page. To progress forward or backward in time, click on the pointer to take you up or down a generation.

Each generation in the tree is also given a numerical code to assist in navigation. Assuming that I am generation number 1, my parents are therefore number 2, my grandparents 3 and so on. The page on which my parents are the grandparents is given the numerical code G2/6: this means we are looking at Gatherer generation number 2, and my father is the sixth sibling in that generation. His younger sister Margery is the seventh sibling, therefore the page on which she is grandparent would be coded G2/7.

There is an index of selected individuals below from which you can go to various points in the tree. You can navigate around from page to page, or come back to the index and choose another individual.

Each person featured in the family trees will be given a reference number which will act as links to other relevant data. Eventually each individual will have a page on which will be listed extra genealogical data such as dates of marriage, etc. Alternatively, look at the Individuals' page, which has a list of all people who have extra information.


Name No. GP P GC
Nigel Gatherer 001 -- G2/6 G3