197: Sister Margaret Gatherer

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Person No: 197
Sister Margaret Gatherer

13 Oct 1811 (est.), Keith, Scotland

John Gatherer [183]
Helen George [184]

Charles Gatherer [231]
Mary Gatherer [233]
George Gatherer [195]
Alexander Gatherer [181]
Francis Gatherer [196]

18 Apr 1885


There is a slight confusion over her birth date, which is either 1811 or 1813.

Extract of a letter (unsigned) in the archives:

"In the year 1851, on 15th August, about 9am in St Andrew's Chapel, Margaret Gatherer, daughter of John Gatherer and Helen George, his wife, after having been duly examined by me, the undersigned Coadjutor of the Vicar Apostolic of the Western District of Scotland...was duly received by me, the said Coadjutor Bishop of the Western District of Scotland, taking for her name in religion Sr. Mary Margaret, in the presence of us, Coadjutor Bishop of the Western District, and present director of the Convent of the [I.C.?] of Sr. Veronica Cordier, Superior, of Revd. William Bennett, Rector of St Clements' Academy, Wellburn, Lochee, near Dundee, who have signed this dedication along with said novice on 15th August..."

"Act of Profession: similar to above - professed, aged 38 years, on 15th August, 1852.

"Died: 18th April 1885, in 75th year of her age, and 33rd year of her Religious profession - died in Charlotte Street [the address of the Convent]..."