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Case study 1: Adult Learning Project, Edinburgh

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ALP Scots Music Group is part of the Adult Learning Project, a community education organisation in Edinburgh. The Music Group runs a weekly programme of more than thirty five classes in various aspects of Scottish music, dance and song, and promote ceilidhs, jam sessions, performances in the community, and special events such as the annual Fiddle Festival (see below.)

When the organisation decided to change their image, they asked Nigel Gatherer to help. He created a number of simple illustrations which would represent the three main strands of smg/print/: music, dancing and singing. These illustrations were then applied to various functional items, from the annual programme of classes (above left) to display banners, posters and tickets. A consistent style was agreed upon, and sticking to this has given ALP Scots Music Group a recognizable identity.

More recently, the Music Group decided to launch a web site, and it was to Nigel that they returned to apply this identity to the World Wide Web (click here to visit ALP Scots Music Group's web site).

Nigel Gatherer: "Other ALP Scots Music projects have included designing banners, book covers, CD covers, and a special logo for ALP's annual Fiddle Festival.

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