048: Ann "Annie" Alexander

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Person No: 048
Ann "Annie" Alexander

William Alexander [041]
Catherine Thomson [042]

?? ?? ????, Scotland

Robert "Bob" Nicol [171]

Robert "Bertie" Nicol [172]

Catherine Alexander [043]
Elsie Alexander [044]
Agnes Alexander [045]
Alexander Alexander [046]
Meg Alexander [047]
William Alexander [087]
Jessie Alexander [019]
James Alexander [088]

"Went to Aberdeen to train as a nurse in a mental hospital. Married policeman Bob Nicol. Robert emigrated to Canada, and Annie joined him, leaving her son Bertie [172] at Mosside to be looked after by Annie's sisters Jessie [019] and Agnes [045].

After some time, Bertie was sent for to join his mother in Canada, but when he joined her she put him out to fostering. Annie then disappeared in Canada, and some members of the family took out newspaper adverts and employed a detective agency in an effort to trace her.

Years later she appeared on a visit to Huntly. She took a taxi to Mosside, and visited her sisters Katy [043] and Meg [047]. She had become a very successful home caterer; she was vivacious, attractive and charming." (recollections by Jessie Gatherer [027] ), her niece. See Bertie's experience on his page [172].